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Story: abel udoekene

Arise Africa

a poem

It has come to a time so right,
that we must dance in tune so tight,
for our people to understand our rhythm so nice,
maybe they will sing along so fine.

I watch patiently as the night stood still for us,
I observe our plight, our pain and our Joy,
then I try to remix our old song " Arise ! Arise!! oh Africa"

I've been a child once,
yes, an African child,
i had dream`t of a new Africa, so nice, so fine, so tight and so right,
then I try to remix our old song "Arise! Arise!! Oh Africa"

Ours is a world to build,
A continent we must define, protect and develop,
Arise! a song of Love,
Arise! a peace we treasure,
Arise! Arise!! Oh Africa,
a future of Joy beckons.