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10th International Black Women's Film Festival

Independent Film by and/or Featuring Black Women From Around the World

Fifteen independent films by and/or featuring Black women from around the world! Movies range from horror to comedy to drama and mystery. Genres include documentaries, feature films, shorts, and experimental film.

Film Distributors and buyers are welcome. This event is FREE and open to the public.

The International Black Women's Film Festival occurs from Friday, July 20th, 2012 to Saturday, July 21st, 2012.

July 20th and July 21st, 2012
San Francisco, CA

(*World Premiere , U.S. Premiere, *West Coast Premiere)
▪ ***THE UNFORGIVING MINUTE (dir. Octavia Spencer via Kelly Shipe – Knoxville, TN) Bullying impacts a bright, young, bi-racial boy. Despite his tentative existence in his predominantly white school, he perserveres, and rises to heights that few imagined. Short
▪ KISSED BY THE DEVIL (dir. Sharice Henry Chasi – Dallas, TX) A sister becomes caretaker to her mentally-challenged brother while unfolding the secrets of her father who on death row. Short
▪ HARRIET RETURNS (dir. Tamu Favorite- Bronx, NY) Harriet Tubman “never lost a passenger” on the Underground Railroad, but she just might have to leave these two modern day slaves in this comedic send-up. Short
▪ *KUVUKA DARAJA (Crossing the Bridge) (dir. Violet Tafadzwa Senderai – Ithica, NY) A psychological journey of an international student from Tanzania at Cornell University, dealing with being away from home, her love for dance and the sudden illness of her mother. (English and Swahili) Short
▪ CALL FOR BACK-UP (dir. Keisha Ansley – Los Angeles, CA) She is too fabulous…even if she can’t sing. Even her back-up singers know what isn’t obvious to her. Short
▪ TWO BODIES (dir. Nijla Mumin – Los Angeles, CA) A successful young woman struggles with coming out to her mother and friends after quitting her job.
▪ *WHITE SUGAR IN A BLACK POT (dir. Rachel I. Johnson – Brooklyn, NY) What appears to be a good opportunity for a diligent mother and her family to move ahead, forces her to make one of the toughest decisions of her life. “White Sugar In A Black Pot” pulls us into the world of the Mackey family as we witness the power of trust, love, desire, fear, and above all the strength of one family. Short, Drama
▪ STOMPING ON THE DEVIL’S HEAD (dir. Malik Isasis, Jennifer Rosario – Brooklyn, NY) Straightened hair “looks nice” and becomes a cultural and political statement to Dominicans who bring the island culture’s feelings about un-straightened Black hair with them to the United States. Conflicted between culture, race and identity, some Dominicans cling to their straightened roots. Includes archival footage of hair dressers from the Dominican Republic and this documentary also features A’Lelia Bundles, the great-granddaughter of the legendary Madam C.J. Walker. (English and Spanish) Feature, Documentary
▪ *THE NEXT DAY (dir. Al Robbins – McDonough, GA) Gripping drama where circumstances unfurl a man’s life in a series of mishaps and misunderstandings. Feature, Dramedy
▪ *CHRYSALIS (dir. Nia Malika Dixon – Beverly Hills, CA) Gripping urban drama. Jamal is straddling between the underworld and a higher calling, but now the ills of his life interfere with his path to redemption. Drama, Short
▪ **OF MARY (dir. Adrian Lester – London, U.K.) A single-mother struggles with raising her son while pregnant with a new child. Will the father of her children impact her decisions? Short, Drama
▪ *A TESTAMENT OF KARMA (dir. Alessandra Pinkston – Studio City, CA) A sickening crime reveals itself in this gripping, terrifying and suspenseful horror story. Horror, Short
▪ THE BECOMING BOX (dir. Monique Walton, Austin, TX) Hurricane Katrina’s victims are still impacted and scattered. Can you return home again? A metaphysical, science fiction tale. Science Fiction, Drama, Short
▪ IN OUR HEADS ABOUT OUR HAIR (dir. Hemamzet Angaza – Brooklyn, NY) Renowned owner and stylist of Khamit Kinks unveils the politics and mystery surrounding the hair of Black women. Feature, Documentary
▪ JACKIE (dir. Tamika R. Guishard – Washington, DC) A young woman succeeds to an Ivy League school despite being abandoned by her mother. When her mother returns, is it to reunite and heal old wounds, or open new wounds? Short, Drama