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Event 2

Money in Bamako and London

...a collaborative project of exchanges...

‘Money in London & Bamako’ is a cross-cultural and multi-vocal photography exhibition project.

Two photographer artists, Harandane Dicko in Bamako and Diane Patrice in London, have collaborated to document everyday lives in their respective cities in one exhibition.

They expose how ordinary people have been affected by the current political situation in Bamako, and how money is used and circulates in London.

The Bamako & London projects are collaborative photography exhibitions between a UK-based curator and artist photographers from the UK and Mali in West Africa. The projects connect both capital cities by drawing upon contemporary scenes from everyday lives in London and Bamako through the medium of photographs and transcriptions of interviews. Two identical site-specific exhibitions are displayed consecutively in museum galleries in London and Bamako.

In 2011, the thematic content of the exhibition documented and drew upon parallels between taxi drivers’ daily routines, families sharing meals together and friends’ conversations over cups of tea in Bamako and London. The exhibition took place in London at the October Gallery in May, before travelling to the Musée de Bamako in September. Participating artists were Diane Patrice in London and Alioune Bâ in Bamako, and the project was curated by Sophie Mew in London.

In 2012, the topics in London – captured by Diane Patrice – address how money circulates, how it is used, saved, and spent in everyday contexts around the city. In light of the recent coup d’état and political upheavals in Mali, our Bamako-based photographer artist – Harandane Dicko – exposes the effects of sanctions (imposed from 3-8 April 2012), economic insecurity and struggle in daily lives in Bamako today.

This year's project in London coincides with the opening of the new Citi Money Gallery at the British Museum, and is part of the London Festival of Photography

Sophie Mew, curator
Harandane Dicko, photographer
Diane Patrice, photographer
Evelyn Owen, curatorial support