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The Ultimate in Men's & Women's Hair Fine Grooming

  • 25 May 2012
    04:00 TrouwTrouw

Image Xprezzion LLC (Image Expression) and Image’s everything (Everything) are thoughts about image improvement, about self improvement, uplifting and self motivation that imaging counts in everyday of our lives. It is about perception. It is about who you are and this is of course the epitome of human’s endeavor to improve personal appearance, to improve what’s in the outside to uplift the inside regardless of what your day may bring, good or bad. To improve self awareness and put on a positive posture up front and center even if it is not so. Is about letting the world know that I am me, I am good enough I am smart and beautiful, I am what I see in the mirror when I look at myself. I am undeniably the mirror image.

Michael is the Chairman/CEO and the Founder of Image Xprezzion, LLC, “The Ultimate in Men’s & Women’s Fine Grooming & Styling for the professionals and business alike”. Image Xprezzion is a concept that was developed to improve self portrail and appearance for working establishments. This is a package of oneself and image balance to assert oneself in the way the public looks or relate to categorizing. Is to say, I deserve your respect as much as I give. Image is everything—everything that matters in this age of profiling. Image is who you are, what you are, where you are, when you are and why you are. Image is five Whys.

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What a great feeling. Check us out at:

17 May 2012, 1:44