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Reimagining the Political Geography of Space and Place

The Spring Issue of Seismopolite, Reimagining the political geography of "space" and "place", discusses the political geography of neoliberalism and how the interrelationships between, and definitions of “space” and “place” can be reimagined in art, literature, and urban design.

Contents, Seismopolite Spring Issue:

- Editorial: Reimagining the political geography of "place" and "space"

- Neery Melkonian, Lebanon in the Armenian Imaginary: So Close with a Distance

About the works of artists of Armenian descent who were born in Lebanon but left for the US or Canada at different junctures as a result of the protracted civil war

- Brian Brush, Beyond the Reference: Continuity, Memory and Territory in Cartographic Art

The problem with much carto-symbolic, map-centered cartographic artistic practice is that it inadvertently privileges the representation of political delineations of place over those of the cultural, mental, experiential, and temporal

- Carola Moujan, Digital AuthentiCity
The rapid development of ubiquitous computing has triggered an ever-growing demand for digital displays in contemporary urban environments.

- Paula Roush, The past persists in the present in the form of a dream (participatory architectures, archive and revolution)

In the context of Portugal, a late-arrival to the eurozone and today declared one of its dysfunctional peripheral members, can the photographic image still provide a critical tool for an ‘archaeology of the recent past’?

- Shaily Mudgal, Revisiting ‘Reserves’ in Neoliberal India: Case Study of Jarawa Tribes

At the cross-roads of globalization and neoliberalism, India’s social reality marred by instances of exploitation of its unique indigenous heritage creates a farce of tall claims to social equality and justice

- Jenny Morse, The Ecopoetics of Space in Snyder, Merwin, and Sze

Investigating how boundaried conceptions of space in works of ecopoets often undermine their attempts to reframe the relationships of humans to the natural world

- Henry F. Skerritt, The Politics of 'Just Painting': Engagement and Encounter in the Art of the East Kimberley

Australia's indigenous artists show us what it means to be
contemporary, and how to comprehend a world of accelerating multiplicity.

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