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Call for photographers!


Yekaterinburg Art Foundation (Russia) would like to invite photographers from all over the world to take part in the International Exhibition of Sculpture and Photography “In Family Unity - Unity of the World”. It is non-profit exposition devoted to the topic “Family, Parents, and Children”. The main aim of the project is to promote human and family values by means of sculpture art and art of photography. The idea is to unite 100 sculptors and 100 photographers from 100 countries in one social project that will show that family relationships, mutual care of old generation and children, parents’ love are the eternal basic values that are so close to people all over the world in spite of religion, nationality, education and social status.

BACKGROUND: The original version of the exhibition (involving Russian participants only) was launched in 2005 and, since that time, been hosted in 25 cities across Russia. The exhibition was also presented to the foreign states ambassadors as a part of cultural programs and important international events.
Positive feedbacks from the various Russian regions make us believe that it is the right time to start working on an international exhibition “Family Unity - Unity of the World”.

In September - October 2010 the exhibition was held as a part of the cultural agenda of the 39th World Chess Olympiad. Guests from 140 countries saw its sculpture and photo exhibits:

The grand opening of the exhibition took place in October, 2011 at Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO-University) of the MFA of Russia (Moscow).
SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Please feel free to submit images of your photographs for consideration of the jury via-mail (photo images should be in jpeg). Write a short a short statement of what these photos means to you.

The artworks should attract the general public’s attention to the subject matters of family life: happy moments and inspiration; loneliness and separation; generation gap; family traditions turning points of family life and fear to be forgotten. The Family topic can be shown from different aspects, either as a refuge in which we find protection from anxiety and apprehension of the outer world or as a fight for equal rights and difficulties, conflicts and challenges that a family faces.

For more details about this project and terms of participation please visit

We hope to see you among our participants in this free of charge project.

Coordinator – Inna Blinova

Organizing Committee of the Exhibition
“In Family Unity - Unity of the World”
Ekaterinburg Art Foundation
Address: Russia, 620147, Yekaterinburg, Onufrieva str. 47
Telephone/fax: +7-343-240-28-27