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    creative artist with a great passion for human development

    I am a very versatile person. I love adventure and exploration of new ideas. I see arts and culture as a very powerful tool at the…

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    Hazel Gutu

    Writer & Motivational Speaker

    Writer of books, short stories/articles. Researcher and presenter of different topics at various forum including inspiring and…

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    A researcher working towards inproving the condition of local art…

    He attended Rhodes University where he obtained a BA Honours in Art History in 2008. He has continued his studies at Rhodes…

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    Yasmina Reggad

    Independent curator

    Yasmina Reggad graduated in History from the Sorbonne University. She is an independent curator based in London and works…

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    Alexandra Dodd

    independent arts writer and editor

    I am an independent cultural critic and a regular contributor to Art South Africa, W magazine, APC online, Ceramic Review (UK),…

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    richard 'rich blk' mkoloma

    freelance fashion designer, creative consultant & poet/mc...

    Creative Fashion Designer / Consultant, who possesses experience across multi gender, market and apparel product categories,…

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    Yaw Dabanka

    Proud Ghanian Diaspora

    My aim is to connect with like minded Africans in and outside of Africa. I am passionate about film, music and fashion. I believe…

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    Winnie Awa

    Founder of art platform,

    Winnie Awa is the founder of, an innovative new platform for capturing modern and contemporary art and artists in and…

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    Jackie Mwanza

    Zambian visual artist from London

    My work centres around identity.. Who am I? Who are we? & Who are you??????? I have spent my life in the pursuit of answers to…

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    Homero Guidi

    Urologist University of Sao Paulo Brazil

    Urologist living at Sao Paulo. Senior Urologist -Staff of Urogynecology at Hospital das Clinicas of University of Sao Paulo/…

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    Stephan Erasmus is a practicing artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Erasmus's art production is evolving into an…

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    Rumbi Katedza

    Filmmaker / Writer

    RUMBI KATEDZA is a Zimbabwe-based film director, producer and writer.

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    Sonia Velasquez

    Journalist and television host with great interest in humanitarian causes

    I feel particularly attracted to EDUCATION in MASS MEDIA. Giving a space in mass media is getting a space in minds and hearts that…

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    joshua bee alafia

    I'm a Brooklyn based Filmmaker telling stories from the Afrikan Diaspora.

    joshua bee alafia started making films in high school and graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz with a BA in…

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    Ernst Coppejans

    Photographer from Amsterdam

    Passionate about people, cultures and photography. Working from my hometown Amsterdam in The Netherlands i make portrait and…

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    Arthur de Bussy

    International art policy and international projects with high political impact

    De Bussy Consult works at cultural policy development and highly (political) sensitive cultural projects. Culture and Development is…

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    Cultural Critic and Curator

    Miesha Shih is an aspiring cultural critic and curator of modern and contemporary art. She enjoys working with art in all its…

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    serious african art lover and appreciator intersted in showing the world…

    I am a young African girl interested in art and also a lover of the arts through and through. I am also keen in looking for…

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    Art Historian

    As an art historian Dagara Dakin researches, writes articles and curates ideas that explore the inner layers of cultural identity in…

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    Omar Saadoune عمر سعدون

    artiste visual , performance ,vidéaste

    Omar Saadoune Artiste visuel Né: 09/03/1978 Kasar El Kabir vie et travaille a Chefchaouen TEL :(00212)0661605095…

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    Solkem N'Gangbet

    Honored nationally by the New York based ArTTable as One To Watch in…

    Solkem N'Gangbet is the Program Director of the Houston Museum of African American Culture. She creates, promotes and implements all…

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    Barthosa Nkurumeh

    Art Educator and Arts Consultant

    Barthosa Nkurumeh is an African-born artist, art educator and arts consultant living between the democratic North America and West…

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    p.D. casely-hayford

    every story changes culture...

    experimental film; creative writing; soundscape artist; poet; performance improvisation; international collaborations in all…

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    Batsirai E Chigama is a name largely associated with spoken word in Zimbabwe. A published performance poet as well as short story…