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    Anselmo Pelembe

    Founder & Director of Lupa Design Creative Studio

    His creativity has been expressed throughout his life, He have done work with photography, an artist (have done a number of…

  • ElSHAFEI DAFALLA MOHAMED Biography ElShafei is a sculptor, photographer, painter, and installation artist with a special…

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    swift9 is a graffiti artist and a graphic designer from Nairobi Kenya. I started doing graffiti art back in 2003 to date.Everyday…

  • Susanna Suarez is an art consultant in Monaco.

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    Omar Saadoune عمر سعدون

    artiste visual , performance ,vidéaste

    Omar Saadoune Artiste visuel Né: 09/03/1978 Kasar El Kabir vie et travaille a Chefchaouen TEL :(00212)0661605095…

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    I am a profesional fashion designer and an artist.

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    Sandrine DOLE

    Design in situ

    As a product designer, I have applied design in a development perspective since 1999 and got specialized in the handicraft sector.…

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    creative artist with a great passion for human development

    I am a very versatile person. I love adventure and exploration of new ideas. I see arts and culture as a very powerful tool at the…

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    Jackie Mwanza

    Zambian visual artist from London

    My work centres around identity.. Who am I? Who are we? & Who are you??????? I have spent my life in the pursuit of answers to…

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    Cultural Critic and Curator

    Miesha Shih is an aspiring cultural critic and curator of modern and contemporary art. She enjoys working with art in all its…

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    Amigo Bondiya

    inspired to be great

    Iam into human expression, I use a variety of media, am into the use of dark and light, basically their contrast. I do graphic…

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    Alex Pabian

    I am a South African, studying Graphic Design in Miami, FL

    I am originally Polish, born and raised in South Africa. I moved to Miami in 2009 to pursue a BFA in Graphic Design at the Miami…

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    Zayd Minty

    Cultural Producer and Researcher

    I am a cultural producer, researcher and activist interested in culture and cities - with a special interest in cities in the global…

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    Solkem N'Gangbet

    Honored nationally by the New York based ArTTable as One To Watch in…

    Solkem N'Gangbet is the Program Director of the Houston Museum of African American Culture. She creates, promotes and implements all…

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    Peter Tichagwa

    seriously eccentric individual interested by every momment off vision. i…

    i like drawing, almost all the time not as a hobby but part of my career. i want to pursue studies in capturing a subject and be…

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    Zodidi jewel Gaseb

    Creative thinker/designer/blogger/poet/artist/event management/curator

    Zodidi Jewel dabbles in various creative spheres. She has written articles for various organizations and started her beginnings as…

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    Jonathan Porter

    Creative Director

    Jonathan brings over 12 years experience to his role as Creative Director at New Brand Media. He has helped some of the world’s…

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    serious african art lover and appreciator intersted in showing the world…

    I am a young African girl interested in art and also a lover of the arts through and through. I am also keen in looking for…

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    Gavin Smitsdorp


    Architect, designer, artist, gallerist

  • My work is about experimentation and evolution, about art and science, and new materials and processes. I look at technology as a…

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    Matthew Frazier

    I'm a creative videographer and motion graphic artist.

    I'm a recent graduate of Middle Tennessee University with a BS in Mass Communication. With the videography and graphic design…

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    richard 'rich blk' mkoloma

    freelance fashion designer, creative consultant & poet/mc...

    Creative Fashion Designer / Consultant, who possesses experience across multi gender, market and apparel product categories,…

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    Balmoi Abe

    simplicity redifined.

    Balmoi Abe is a young designer with a Masters in Architecture from the Savannah College of Art and Design. He also has an extensive…