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Photography Exhibition

"Wandering Ways"

This exhibition is a visual reflection on the theme of migration, on the loneliness of human destiny and the conditional freedom of movement we face on a daily basis. In this essay I establish a relationship between space and individual or the lack of it within the landscape.

I concentrate on migrations as the physical change of environment, but also as psychological challenge to understand another culture and yet to keep alive one’s identity, even when moving within one’s own country.

On my way to produce this body of work, I´ve wonderedmany times how I could approach a subject such as migrations, without falling into the trap of what is easy and evident to the observer, running away from the comfortable environment of either becoming a voyeur of what is visually expected when talking about migrations, or either showing protagonists as “victims” of the process which I´m part myself.

In this work I create my own imaginary, sometimes using geometric patterns as visual codes to present cyclical mass deployments, overcrowded metropolis as well as certain areas of tension within space-individual relationship; in order to show not only the natural barriers but also architectural and social ones and also question: Who am I, and where do I fit in these new landscapes.