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AWARE/OWARE Game for Female Empowerment - Women in Technology

Innovation Week - Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre for Excellence in ICTs (KACE)

Art Works for Change (AWFC) is a 501(c)3 organisation that produces traveling contemporary art projects that address social and environment issues. We use the transformative power of art as a tool to build awareness, invite conversation, and inspire action, creativity and thought. Through partnerships our exhibitions serve as both a crucible and catalyst to galvanize support and action around our most pressing global issues. Our ultimate goal is to make a profound contribution to deep social change and to reach 'critical mass' where all people can enjoy the right and privileges of a civil society.

Oware is a popular traditional game played in Ghana and other parts of the world. Using the concept of Sankofa, we have gone back into our culture and have found a unique way to embrace the basic principles of Oware and create an innovative and interactive platform for dialogue and debate in order to create awareness on various issues of concern in our societies.

Art Works for Change are in the process of collaborating with the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre for ICT Excellence in Ghana (KACE) and plan to tour the Aware/Oware Game for Female Empowerment there for Innovation Week - 5-9th June 2012. We will implement a workshop alongside the game which to explore the cultural and technical barriers to ICT usage among women and girls in Ghana. We believe that this project will help women and girls in Ghana and underserved communities maximise their potential for life enhancing benefits through the use of ICTs.