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album review

'Journey to Independence'

album reviewed by Team Efforts media you can check out their blog on


2004 was a classic year for hip hop when “The real O’Cyrus” dropped the streets was hungry and this E.P was a full course meal. I remember classics like ‘Her name is hip-hop’, ‘Dead poets’ and my personal favourite, “the super man carnivore punchlines with metaphors...”.
That was then and now it’s 2012 and hip-hop has evolved so much since those days of hardcore raw boom bap sounds. I was looking forward to the follow up album from Cyrus especially since so many years have lapsed in between the releases. In 2010 he released the long awaited full length album “Journey to independence” which he re-mastered and was again re-released in 2011 under the X-Generation music.
When I picked it up the first thing that impressed I was the efforts put in for the packaging of the album, it’s clear what the intentions of the artist are and it compliments the brand. The title I am not sure about, I think it’s too long and he could have made it catchier especially in the current times where an album is judged by the impression it gives. Secondary to that is the expression, the sound quality is a step up from his previous works but there is still room for improvement in that department. The content is still socially responsible, not as raw as “the real O’Cyrus” though; in fact on this album Cyrus is very diverse with sound. The album has a lot of mainstream appeal and does not shy away from commercial sounds with tracks like “Till the sunrise” and “Give it to you”. The hardcore side still lingers strongly feeding the streets what they need in hip-hop terms. Pretty much this is a well thought; well rounded up album in terms of productions but the engineering though, the X-Generation musik needs to put in work for an mc that is on Cyrus’s calibre.
I give this album: 4mics – for lyrical content
2mics – for sound quality
3mics – for production
3mics – for packaging
Making this album: 12mics out of 20mics
Making it a fairly dope album to have on your music collection.