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    Sanaz Mazinani

    Artist and curator working primarily in photography and large-scale…

    Sanaz Mazinani is a visual artist, curator and educator working primarily in photography and large-scale installations. Her art…

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    Cameroon, 1967

    Born in 1967 in Cameroon. École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts d'Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire École Supérieure d'Art de…

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    Bumi Thomas

    Visual and Sonic Artist

    I believe in the integration of cultural dynamics to create new visual languages that inform the fabric of our identity through a…

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    Natasha Hoare

    Curator / Writer / PR

    Assistant Curator of the Marrakech Biennale. Development and Special Projects Manager at the studio of Shezad Dawood. Contributor of…

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    artist....working in video,film,painting,installation and performance..

    we do Afrika in all levels possible. The music,film,visual art,u mention it..we love it. Afrika is a complex place...our aim…

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    Ananaba Ibeabuchi

    Visual Artist

    I am an artist who strongly believes in using my creativity to cause a paradigm shift. I have been an artist all my life from…

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    oumar sall

    Auteur, Critique et activiste du bien-être

    Traduire le monde en un espace agréable où le bien-être, pour chaque citoyen, devient une constance. tel est mon combat. le cadre…

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    Alison Klayman

    Filmmaker and journalist.

    Alison Klayman is a freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker. While living in China from 2006-2010, she produced radio and…

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    Presently gallery based in Cape Town as an exhibition co-ordinator, curator and writer. I just completely my Masters in Modern Art…

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    Cultural Critic and Curator

    Miesha Shih is an aspiring cultural critic and curator of modern and contemporary art. She enjoys working with art in all its…

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    Visual Artists' Association of Bulawayo

    The broad aim of V.A.A.B is to encourage and stimulate artists and craft…

    The broad aim of V.A.A.B is to encourage and stimulate artists and craft production in Bulawayo and surrounding areas. By so…

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    Jordache A. Ellapen

    Academic and Filmmaker

    As a visual artist and academic I am interested in the intersections of diaspora/migration, race and eroticism. My first short…

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    Solange Farkas


    Solange Oliveira Farkas is a curator with a career spanning twenty-five years. She created the International Electronic Art…

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    MoCADA and MVMT Present, The Journey Home

    The Journey Home is a ten day tour of Ghana’s historic arts and…

    The trip will take place from October 12 to October 23, 2011, and is an opportunity for museum supporters, artists and community…

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    Arterial Network

    Promoting cultural diversity in Africa

    Arterial Network promotes cultural diversity in Africa through lobbying and advocating for the Status of the Artist, for the…

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    Nkechi Nchaos

    A visual artist working with mixed-media/video/photography.

    I consider myself to be a mixed media artist, and the artistic process usually begins by finding seemingly disparate elements and…

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    I am a contemporary art curator living in Casablanca Morocco. I have 20…

    I am interested in curating international exhibitions in which Moroccan artists can also be promoted through their art. I am…

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    Guy Wouete

    Visual artist

    "For me, art is not an end in itself but an opportunity to honestly look and criticize the epoch in which we live."

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    Pluridisciplinary artist

    Pluridisciplinary, Contemporary and merry subversive (B.1980) in Casablanca. Designer, Art director in advertising, music…

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    Kisito Assangni

    Curator | Producer

    Kisito Assangni is a Togolese-French curator and producer who studied photography, art history and museology. Currently living…

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    Christine Takengny

    Curator/Art Historian

    Christine Takengny is a curator based in London. In Germany she worked at Gallery Peter Herrmann, Documenta 11 and at Ulmer Museum.…

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    Patrick Landi

    Passionate about art

    Making a long story short is often a excercse of style rather than content. In describing my undertakings in the art world Passion…

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    Margerie Vacle

    Relationship Manager

    I work as a relationship Manager for Arterial Network. I aim at creating bridges between European and African creative sectors in…

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    Atim Oton

    Atim Annette Oton is a designer and writer.

    Atim Annette Oton is a Nigerian-born, American and British educated architectural designer is the co-founder of Black Design News…

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    Nike Jonah

    Cultural Connector working across Arts, Fashion, Film and Creative Industries

    Connecting Dots is a new creative agency. We are powered by an energized group of innovation activists, original thinkers &…