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Article: Ngozi Odita 3

Afrika21 The Mixtape

Genre Bending Mash Up of Emerging African Musicians

The Afrika21 mixtape will be a series of mixtapes released to highlight Africa's new cadre of musical talent.

Coverage of Africa’s fundamental weaknesses, - civil war, poverty, and helplessness, has overshadowed the well of talent rapidly emerging from the African Diaspora. With Afrika21, Society HAE will create a massive platform to introduce 21 of Africa's emerging young creatives in the fields of art, music, fashion and film. The Afrika21 project will give audiences a first hand look at 21st century contemporary African culture, and open up a new dialogue about Africa as a go to market place for creative synergy. The first by product of this project is the AFRIKA21 MIXTAPE, this series of mixtapes will feature Africa's young musicians who are re-defining African music and the continent in general. Listen and DOWNLOAD the mixtape HERE: