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Event 1

A Twist in the Ta(i)le

an exhibition with Nathalie Mba Bikoro & Iris Musolf

A twist in the ta(i)l(e)
From 13.03.2011 – 02.04.2011
VERNISSAGE + PERFORMANCE: 12.03.2011, 7 pm.
EXHIBITION: 13.03.2011 – 02.04.2011
OPENING HOURS: Thursday-Sunday, 4-8 pm.

ARTISTS: Nathalie Bikoro + Iris Musolf
CURATORS: Franziska Lesák + Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung

SAVVY Contemporary
Richardstraße 43/44
12055 Berlin

  • Catalogue available for purchase from the gallery at 8 Euros.

The greatest classics in literature are built on the principle of tension.

A twist in the ta(i)l(e) is an allegory for the sudden turn of events, a combination of mystery, suspense and surprise in a narrative. On the one hand it serves as a common denominator in the works of Nathalie Bikoro and Iris Musolf, as both artists have a deep craving to narrate. They hassle around the political, they examine the historical and dissect the present... just as if to create a grammar through which sense could be given to many unanswered questions in life as is the case with narrative psychology. On a second glance, one notices that Bikoro and Musolf are not limited to tales but are interested in the discontinuity and heterogeneity in psychological, social and cultural structures. Over the last months Bikoro and Musolf sent each other hidden messages through short video sequences, creating, in multiple processes, narratives of mutual approach, nurtured by individual readings but also the interest in the other's artistic perspective. This open process will be unfolded and reunited at the SAVVY Contemporary art space.

- Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung