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Opportunity 4 2

share your filmmaking skills with kibera film school students

slum-based film schoool in Kenya

Hot Sun Foundation is a charitable trust that works with you youth of Kibera towards social transformation through media and art.

We teach the youth how to make films, use video advocacy tools towards telling their own stories.

Under Hot Sun Foundation, we carry out the following programs:

1. Kibera Film School: This is is a 9 month, full day, intensive course, that is open only to Kibera Youth aged between 18-25 years. It is free for the Kibera youth - from 2011, we will start admitting paying students form other parts of Nairobi.

More information here -

2. Free Open Air Community Screenings : We are committed to taking educational / inspirational / entertaining films to communities that have no access to cinema.

3. Film Workshops: These are for kids between 8-13 years and youth from 14-18 years. We work with filmmakers from outside Kenya to design the workshops.

Types of skills we look for:
• Organizational/programme management
• Filmmaking
• Graphic design
• Communications/PR/writing
• Research
• Web design
• Social Networking / Internet tools
• Grant writing
•You can work from home; especially if you are looking to volunteer in grant writing, social networking and web design, etc
•If you would like to share those skills with the youth at Hot Sun Foundation, we welcome volunteers to work from our offices in Kibera.
Participation is free.This can be a virtual opportunity, but also participants willing to travel are welcome. We will provide accommodation and meals.
Flights, personal expenses, travel within Kenya / Nairobi is not covered.

Comments (2)


why do you work with filmmakers from outside of kenya to design the workshop?

16 Jan 2011, 17:23



I don't understand your question. Please elaborate.

The instructors in the film school are all Kenyan professionals working in the Kenyan film industry. We also welcome any filmmakers, either from Kenya or beyond to volunteer at that Film School.

15 Feb 2011, 22:57