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    Mlu Zondi


    I am South African artist who specialise in Performance Art Video Installations. I have a Diploma in Performance Studies and work…

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    Kofi A. Dabanka

    Passionate about African entertainment and fashion

    Passionate about African entertainment and fashion. In the process of launching a premium HD webchannel based on African films…

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    Meschac Gaba

    I am an international artist from Benin living in the Netherlands.

    Since 1997 I developed the 'Museum of Contemporary African Art' ( which finished in 2002 in…

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    i am an illustrator from Barcelona

    although having very little visited Africa phisically, i am very much interested in its traditional culture and also artistic development

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    Am creative Ugandan,Prude Ugandan who is an East African with desire to create and inspire the people in the region.I have created a…

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    Singgellos Jean

    BOLLYBANAZZ AFRICA for Social ARTS and Cults by Dancing City Entertainment -…

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    Owen Martin

    Curatorial Assistant at PUMA.Creative

    Before joining the Arts Programme of the British Council as Project Assistant, I worked as Curatorial Assistant at PUMA.Creative.…

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    Paul Emmanuel


    Zambian born, South African artist living and working in Johannesburg. Creator of 3SAI: A Rite of Passage, Transitions and The Lost…

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    Sounds Of Africa

    Concerts and Comedy in the UK

    Welcome to the Sounds of Africa, a yearly concert hosted in the UK show casing the greatest talent from Southern Africa abroad.…

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    Ntando xorile

    Independent Curator

    Ntando Xarile is an independent curator, lives and works South Africa. Research interest: art theory relating contemporary…

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    bongo mei

    visual artist

    im an emerging visual artist from South Africa in Mandela Bay formerly known as Port Elizabeth. My biggest interest lately is to be…

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    Biko Molobye

    We write history today and change is key for a brighter tomorrow.

    Biko Molobye is a young black South African born 1987 December 08, in a town called Rustenburg in South Africa. He later moved to…

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    Simone Bertuzzi

    Blogger, researcher on border crossing music and imaginaries.

    Palm Wine is a possible and distant look at the post-global movement of sounds and imageries, even dazed by alcohol vapours. For…

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    Irineu Nogueira

    Irineu Nogueira

    A pioneer who became a solid reference within the Brazilian and African rhythms and movements scene, Irineu Nogueira is a…

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    Silvia Lucia

    love africa

    I'm working in Catania at the moment as free lance Journalist, PR & Media relations. I'm also keen on Marketing Management…

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    As a personlity, I am jolly, open, honest and genuine in the way I relate with people. Well, sorry to blow my own trumphet...I am…

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    Mashumi art projects based in Gauteng, Soweto. We provide exhibiting space for developing artist. Mashumi Art projects was…

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    The Long Run

    The Long Run is a fair, honest, positive and creative approach to life

    As Long Runners, we strive to strengthen intercultural relationships and understanding, safeguarding cultural heritage while raising…

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    I choose to believe that I am a thinker and an entrepreneur. My favorite quotes includes: ;If a man wants something he has never…

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    Ananaba Ibeabuchi

    Visual Artist

    I am an artist who strongly believes in using my creativity to cause a paradigm shift. I have been an artist all my life from…

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    Oluwasegun David Olumbe

    Creative Artist

    Oluwasegun is a creative artist based in United Kingdom. His interest and work is built around the use of interactive media, IT…

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    Omale Allen Abdul-jabbar

    nomad, floating genie, recording all i see and do in prose and verse

    i love paintings, literature, movies, songs, nature. i believe ultimately in the indestructible nature of the human spirit, through…

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    Marie Finaz

    Cultural Projects Developer

    Interested in contemporary African visual arts (painting, drawing, photography, video, textiles), and craftsmanship - either in…

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    Julia Rosa Clark

    South African artist and teacher.

    I teach across disciplines at the Michaelis School of Fine Art UCT (& other Cape Townian institutions over the past 15…

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    Johnny Muteba

    i am a strategic thinker, visionary and entrepreneur

    Johnny Muteba has a very special ability of connecting entrepreneurial vision,creative passion and innovative problem solving His…