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PUMA.Creative + "Sustainable Futures" + "Urban Africa" @ Design Museum LONDON

Exhibition Review and Pictures

Society HAE recently visited The London Design Museum for the "invitation-only" viewing of sponsored "Sustainable Futures" exhibition and David Adjaye's Photographic Journey "Urban Africa." On arrival we were instantly reminded of the inspiring beauty of London's Tower Bridge river front where the design museum is located. We then carried on into a night of true creative inspiration as we enjoyed a fruitful evening of design, photographic art and good old fashion person to person networking.

To read our review and see more images of the Sustainable Futures and Urban Africa exhibitions please visit:

Comments (1)

Re: PUMA + "Sustainable Futures" + "Urban Africa" @ Design Museum LONDON

This is great. In 2006 - 2007 Michelle Eistrup and I tried to create interest in Denmark for a similar project, that should highlight urban Africa and its architecture, but it was impossible. I think, the biggest obstacle was (and is), that a picture of modern Africa would disturb the general Danish discourse on Africa as being
undeveloped. Generally, the Danes want to remain in the comfortable role as dogooders. There is little historic knowledge of colonialism and a postcolonial discussion is absent in the broader public sphere. Let´s get this exhibition to Denmark.

26 Apr 2010, 12:26