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Article: abel udoekene 1

we must rise again

a poem

I am busy waiting for your response.
Wanting to discover the truth that will ignite us again.
Maybe its because of the dullness of the night
or the weather which has suddenly turn ugly.
that has made us to forgot who we are
and continue to accept, dishonest sympathy.

I want to know why we are still sleeping,
even when our building is crumbling to collapse
endangering our sweetness and value
while we dance to this rhythm which may not last.

I want to know why we abandon our dreams
and suddenly stroll back to our closet
even when we has already seen the future
bleeding with happiness,love,hope and freedom.

Please listen to the rhythm of your heart
as you read through my lines,
where are we heading to?
surely, we must rise to live again.

Copyright Abel Udoekene