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Fresh as F*#@K!!

So excited to see the development of an artist drawn from the Diaspora. Following his noted apparition in a Belgian talent TV show, Belgium based Congolese lyricist and rapper Baloji embarked on a very personal identity quest through his music and art.

Pushing through the many obstacles of an industry increasingly reluctant to develop, nurture and support talent, Baloji determination and realness demonstrate that a dialogue between cultural origin, identity, and art and music industry is a possibility.
Kinshasa Succursale, his 2nd album is a testimony of a profound need for artist to continue expressing real issues through creativity where the satisfaction of the artists and musicians involve takes priority on the commercial target of the project.
A perfect example of Afro synergy between a determined artist and a knowledgeable music label.

Now Belgium is not the most shining example of a vibrant cultural industry in mainstream people consciousness, however it has to be said that this tiny little country has somehow brought serious contribution to the table on a consistent basis.
Only in the last 3 or 4 decades, Belgium has been responsible of unleashing to the world artist like Jacques Brel to the phenomenally influential New Beat and Acid House movement via the genius contribution of Benoit Polvoerde to comedy and cinema and innovation of Too Many DJ's in global clubland. Not forgetting to mention progressive label such as Crammed Disc who continue to blur the lines between World music, Folk, Global and club beats.
When Belgium wants, Belgium can!!!!

2010, now we see another player introducing his art in a way none has ever done before and making quite a good job of it.

Ladies and Gents: Here is BALOJI with Kinshasa Succursale

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J'adore the way you have written this piece. You write from the heart and the hip. Wonderful to read such passion. Passion on...and keep writing.

My understanding of the French language is awful but I trust with the passion you've shown that these guys are total magic.

12 Mar 2010, 8:16