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project 1


Free and untracable mobile communication by using 6 mobile phones synchronously with a predefined scheme employing missed-call 'beeping' as digital bits.

The NBEEP6 communication protocol was presented at local markets and tested on the streets a couple of times in November 2009 in Ndobo village, Cameroon. Currently, an updated automated version is in development, running on Arduino hardware and open source software, as well as an extension of the protocol with tranmission-error verification.

Ongoing too, is a translation in English of the explanation below.

The aim: providing a practical, robust, easy to use and understandable communication method. Free, and fully untracable.

The NBEEP6 communication method was developed by Sander Veenhof and FAMOOKA during an artist-in-residence stay at ArtBakery in Bonendale, Cameroon, organised by HotelMariaKapel in Hoorn.