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Wolwedans at the heart of art

Namibia’s Long Run Destination showcases new exhibitions and workshops

Located at the core of one of Southern Africa’s largest private nature reserves, the extraordinary beauty of Wolwedans Long Run Destination has inspired a myriad of artists and photographers. Next month, from the 9 to 22 March, tour guide and photographer, Bruno Frangi, will be organising a twelve-day workshop, inviting guests to follow him on a unique journey through the magnificent landscapes of the Namib Rand Nature Reserve. This initiative builds on the impressive exhibit by accomplished German artist, Luzius Ziermann, held in November last year. Using 2500 car wing mirrors, Ziermann re-created his trademark sign depicting the sun and the moon, lines of latitude and longitude and the rotation of the earth, in the red desert sands. The Long Run Destination is also initiating an ‘artist-in-residence’ programme, where artists who feature the environment and local culture will be invited to exhibit. The programme will discover local talent and develop the artistic streak in selected staff members.
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