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Call for Sculptors - Invitation

Deadline 26 February 2010

Ekaterinburg Art Foundation would like to invite you to take part in the International Exhibition Project of Sculptures and Photos “Family Unity is the Unity of the World”. It is non-profit exposition devoted to the topic “Family, Parents, Motherhood and Children”. The main aim of the project is propaganda of human and family values by means of plastic art and art of photography. The idea of the unity of sculptors and photographers from different countries in one social project shows that family relationships, mutual care of old generation and children, parents’ love are the eternal basic values that are so close to people all over the world in spite of religion, nationality, education and social status. The understanding of this idea helps to unite people.

The project was initiated in Russia in 2005 under the name “In Family Unity–Unity of the Nation” by Ekaterinburg Art Foundation. The exhibition has been held in 25 cities of Russia, including the Kremlin, The Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of Russia, and State Duma. In June 2009 All-Russian exhibition took part during the summits of Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRIC. Positive results of the exhibition activities in variety of regions made us believe that at the present moment we can already work on the international exhibition project as well. We suggest to unite the works of sculptors and photographers that are devoted to the topic announced.

The international traveling exhibition of sculpture and photo "Family Unity is the Unity of the World" will take place in Khanty-Mansisk city, Russian Federation in 2010. This Exhibition is invited to participate in the cultural program within the scope of 39th World Chess Olympiad, which takes place in Khanty-Mansisk city, Russian Federation in August-September 2010. The international exhibition is also planned to take part in the 90th Anniversary of the Ural State University named after M.Gorky, in Ekaterinburg in 2010 (Russia). Other exhibition venues are being discussed. The exact schedule of the exhibition for 2010-2011 is not formed yet but we have been working on it.

Guests from 150 countries will see its Sculpture and Photo exhibits. At the moment there are sculptors and photographers from 27 countries ready to take part in this exhibition. And we are looking for greater scope of foreign participants to cover maximum geographical regions and countries. We are also working at customs formalities to deliver sculptures to Russian Federation from abroad and return them safely back.

We would like to note that in some respect it is more than just an exhibition or show. It is a humanistic international project where by means of plastic art and photography we popularize family values and show different points of view on family relationships. So the aim of this particular exhibition is to bring new deep meaning to the family topic through the artworks from all around the world and influence the audience on emotional level.

You can send images of sculpture and photo works, devoted to the eternal topic of the Family, Parents and Children till February 26, 2010 via e-mail.

We are convinced that your participation in the international exhibition will increase its artistic value and give it special originality, based on cultural traditions and national peculiarities of your country. You have an opportunity to show the global society your plastic art in the theme of family relationships, mutual feelings, and relations of children and parents, which is relevant and life-asserting topic. The project “In Family Unity is the Unity of the World” is a unique cultural event that has no analogues in the world and it is very helpful in mutual cultural change between different mentalities.

For more details about this project and terms of participation please contact me.

We hope to see you among our participants in this free of charge social project.

Best regards,
Nadya Odegova

Organizing committee of the exhibition.
Creative and Production Corporation
The Ekaterinburg Art Foundation
47 Onufriev str., Ekaterinburg, Russia, 620146
phone/fax: +7 (343) 243-27-03, +7 (343) 243-27-08
skype: di-namka