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'C'est la crise'

a calabash decorated with hand-painted louis vuitton monograms

Developed for a collective exhibition in Dakar, senegal, Sébastien Bouchard's 'c'est la crise' (crisis time) is an artistic response to the current global economic situation.

The calabash, is a bowl made from the calabash tree. it is an object which is commonly used
in african culture. every family has its own calabash to carry things, use it in cooking...
it is an object which has a price of less than 1€ but is something which everyone uses daily.
the idea behind 'c'est la crise' is to elaborate on the significance of this bowl and its use
by contrasting it with the iconic louis vuitton monogram which is a symbol of luxury
and high-end goods. the juxtaposition of the painted vuitton graphics on the exterior of the calabash
result in a confrontation between the necessities of african life and the desires of western life.

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